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Book Review – The Last Lecture

By Randy Pausch with Jeffrey Zaslow 

Randy Pausch was an amazing person and the book he dictated to Jeffrey Zaslow while dying of pancreatic cancer was a summation of all he believed in.  Most of all it was about living.  None of us know how much time we have on earth so we should live each day with joy, hope and do those things we would do if we knew our time was ending soon. 

Randy was a retired professor from Carnegie Mellon when he was asked to do a “Journeys” lecture, a reflection on his personal and professional journey through life.  The lecture he gave, called “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” wasn’t about dying. It was about overcoming obstacles, and doing your best to help others achieve their dreams. 

In September Southern Connecticut State University had Jeffrey Zaslow come and speak about the book he wrote with Randy and the lecture was hughly successful. Both George and I attended it and Jeffrey was wonderful. We saw videotapes of the Last Lecture Randy gave at Carnegie Mellon.  SCSU President Cheryl Norton announced at the lecture that SCSU would be starting a “Last Lecture” series of its own.  So Randy’s book has taken on a life of its own and its effects will live on for a long while. 

Randy passed away this past summer but his legacy will live on.  Each of us has a legacy to pass on to others: our children, our grandchildren, our friends, our fellow parishioners. To really understand what Randy was trying to do you have to read his book.  It won’t take you long to read it and I am donating a copy of his book to the church library. 

By the way, I am accepting book donations to the church library now.  If you have a book you liked very much and want others to read it: bring it to church and I’ll see it gets cataloged and put in the book collection.  


                                                                           Kathy Swenson


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