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Sunday Worship - 8:00 & 9:30 AM

Adult Forum – 9:00 AM

Church School – 9:15 AM

Vestry – 2nd Tuesday at 7:00 PM

Wednesday Eucharist – 12:10 PM in the Chapel

 Choristers – Thursdays at 4:15 – 5:00 PM

Choir Rehearsals – Thursdays at 7:00 PM 



January through March - 9:00 AM

"Convictions: How I Learned What Matters Most"



January 14



Sunday, January 18

After both services in the "Block Room"



Sunday, January 25

One service at 9:30 AM followed by potluck brunch and the Annual Meeting.  Child Care available.



Deadline - January 31

$100 deposit, information and waiver forms

to save your place on the trip.



Deadline - February 1

for applications for inreach and outreach.





Dear Companions in Christ, 

This is when many people make resolutions and look to the future with hope.  I thought it was a good time to share some of the "hopes for the future" of our parish that we asked folks to write on this year's pledge cards: 

* Peace & prosperity -- bless our parish

* I hope that our parish continues to grow and reach out into the community.

* Hope you get a new mic-recording system so I can watch the Sunday service.

* That it will continue to be "alive" in truth, hope, caring and love.

* We hope for balance & love in life.

* My hope is that the youth would be more involved.

* That we are blessed by more families and people to grow our parish and to increase our giving to balance the church budget.

*  We grow together in mission work, Sunday school, music & outreach.

*  A continued sense of community and prosperity.

*  Growth and success in all our programs: worship, education, music, outreach, etc. leading to better lives for parishioners and citizens of the Wallingford area.

*  I hope to see us continue to grow as a healthy enthusiastic community -- concerned with caring for each other as well as those beyond our walls.  I hope we will take Jesus' call to minister to the needs of others anywhere as a serious part of being a Christian.  I also hope that we show our deep interest in the health of the environment through whatever means is available to us -- either as a community or as an individual or both.  I am thankful to be a part of this community.  I am also grateful to Dee Anne for her faithful dedication and hard work among us.

*  It is our hope that St. Paul's continues to develop mission opportunities, both at home and abroad.

*  Growth.

*  The caring and loving of other parishioners.

*  I hope that our parish and Dee Anne's ministry continues to grow.  I hope that we can continue and expand our community and help in our community.

Balanced budget.

*  For the gift of music to always be an important part of St. Paul's.

For the adventure of being open -- to new ideas, new people/leadership, new ways of "being church" together. 

I look forward to discussing and dreaming about these (and any others I may not have had access to while writing this article) in the year ahead.  In the meantime, what's your fondest hope for our life together?



Dee Anne+

Adult Forum – Winter Book Discussion 

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to learn something new? To read a good book?  Consider joining the Adult Forum at the start of 2015!  From January 4 through the month of March we will be reading and discussing the book Convictions: How I Learned What Matters Most, by Marcus Borg.  This book is Borg’s effort to look back on his 70 years and discuss his deepest beliefs and the experiences that have shaped those beliefs.  If you are interested in ordering a copy of the book through the church ($18), please contact Amy Foster as soon as possible.  The book is also available in Kindle format for $11.89.  The Forum meets on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. in Wilkinson Hall—come join our lively group!



Readers – Ushers – Crucifers – Acolytes – Chalice Bearers!

Please check your schedules for services and times you are serving. If you are unable to fulfill your obligation, please obtain a substitute for yourself!  If you would also inform the parish office of any changes it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

Vestry Update for December 

As we come to the end of the year the Vestry has been very busy.  The main focus of our December meeting was on our finances and the proposed budget for next year, a new outreach program, and the  parish meeting in January. 

First, in reviewing the budget for this year we are tracking a deficit similar to last year, but have only had to make one withdrawal from our investment accounts to cover cash flow.  This amounts to only 1/3 of what we had to withdraw last year.  Based on the figures through November we feel that we will end the year  in relatively good shape compared to last year. 

Second, we reviewed the proposed budget for next year.  Some changes have been made to lock in lower fuel oil costs and to reduce the amount we will have to budget for snow removal.  We are looking for other means to reduce our costs related to maintenance of the property.  We reviewed the proposed staff salaries and benefits and approved modest increases so that the finance committee can finalize the budget for our review in January. 

Third, we approved guidelines for a number of special funds.  First, a 6% annual draw from the Mary H. Clulee Fund was approved for the Music Director’s use in supporting our music program.  Second, the Friends of Music and Arts fund, currently around $11,000, will be used to fund up to two choral scholars each year.  However, to do this continued donations are needed to sustain this fund in the coming years.  Third, a number of undesignated funds in the Special Gifts Fund will be combined with the Christian Formation and Education Fund in honor of Mildred Specht.  When combined the total will be around $100,000.  A 6% annual draw from this fund will be used to cover one half of the salary of the Director of Christian Education.  If the draw amounts to more than one half of the Director’s salary the balance will be used for supplies for the church school program. 

With very short notice, St. Paul’s assisted in supporting the Chapel on the Green in New Haven the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  This is a weekly Sunday afternoon service of 15-20 minutes organized by Trinity on the Green Episcopal Church after which lunch is provided for homeless and needy people.  St. Paul’s provided over 100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  When asked we plan to provide similar support in 2015. 

Lastly, mark your calendars.  The annual parish meeting with brunch will be held following a combined 9:30 am service on Sunday, January 25th. 

Your wardens,

Amy Foster and Chuck Maynard


St. Paul's Annual Meeting 

St. Paul's Annual Meeting will take place on Sunday, January 25 with one service at 9:30 AM followed by a potluck brunch.  The Annual Meeting will follow the brunch.  Childcare will be provided from 9:30 AM through the Annual Meeting.   (Snow date - February 1.)  Please sign up on the easel in the back of the church with what you will bring for the pot-luck and how many will be attending 


Budget Workshop 

Get an in-depth look at our 2015 parish budget and the process that goes into it it the annual Budget Workshop on Sunday, January 18 after both services downstairs in the "block room".


Please advise us of - changes of address or telephone numbers

                               - illnesses, hospitalizations, deaths

                               - requests for baptsims, weddings, etc. 

New Supper Eight Groups Starting 

We are starting a new rotation of Supper Eight groups for January through April.  It's not too late if you still want to get in on the fun.  Even if you do not wish to entertain at your home, you can still join a group.  there are opportunities to "cohost" with other members.  All adults are welcome and encouraged to take part in this fun ministry.  Please contact Chuck Maynard or Nancy Harrington for details.


Thanks Chuck and Nancy! 

Many thanks to Chuck Maynard and Nancy Harrington for designing and running the program, “Supper for 8.”  This is the monthly supper group that people signed up for last fall whereby groups of eight people meet once a month in each other’s homes for dinner. 

Bob and I hosted our group for the first dinner last September and initially some of us were a little disappointed to realize that we all knew each other quite well, when we had expected to be getting to know ‘newer’ members of St. Paul’s.   In fact, some of us had known each other for many years, had worked together in various groups at church, or had socialized at church dinners and the Sunday morning coffee hours.   

Little did we know that there’s a big difference between chatting at the coffee hour and sitting down at our respective dining room tables to share a meal.  We quickly discovered that there’s an intimacy that develops between a small group of people in this very informal setting, especially when you know you’re all going to be together again at somebody else’s house for the next three months. Conversations sort of seemed to flow from one month to the next and we gradually  became closer and closer friends.   

Hosting the monthly dinner was not all that difficult either because you only had to prepare the main course for the meal and provide the beverage.  The hosts would tell everybody what they’d be preparing and the guests would bring the vegetable, starch, and dessert.  Plus, everybody took home their own leftovers so clean-up was a breeze.  (I must confess, though, to a personal need to thoroughly clean the first floor of our house before everybody arrived!) 

By the fourth, and final, month in the rotation we all talked about what a wonderful time we’d had together and how much fun it had been to get to know each other and become good friends.  There was a sense of almost sorrow that this would be our last time together, and in the very next breath, everybody said they couldn’t wait to be part of the next “Supper for 8" group in January so they could repeat the experience with a “new” group of people. 

Thanks Chuck and Nancy.  Mission accomplished! 

Lois Olesen 

 Nicaragua Service Trip 

St. Paul's next service trip to Nicaragua is scheduled for August 1 -10, 2015.  If you are interested in joining the trip, please contact Rob Page, Donna Regan or Nancy Harrington.  Information about service trips can be found at or by speaking to anyone from St. Paul's who went to Nicaragua in 2014.  A $100 deposit, information and waiver forms are due by January 31st.  There will be room for up to twelve people on the trip.  Positions fill fast! 


Applications for  both  INREACH and OUTREACH  funding from the Sacred Trust Fund will be due into the office by FEBRUARY 1, 2015. Forms are available on the St. Paul's web site or from the office.  Honorarium applications will NOT be considered at this time. 


Ministers at St. Paul’s


We are in need of parishioners who would be willing to serve at the Sunday services in any of the following capacities: crucifers, acolytes, ushers, chalice bearers, and intercessors.  Training will be available.  If you are interested please contact the Rector, and if you have questions feel free to speak with Jane Smith.


Note Cards for Sale 

The Memorial Garden committee is selling boxes of six note cards for eight dollars each.  A sample of each of the cards displaying the beautiful artwork of our resident artist, Dan Lyon, may be seen on the counter just outside of the sanctuary.  Pictured are various drawings of St. Paul’s church, the belfry, and the garden gate.  As one woman commented, “They’re really pretty enough to be framed.”  Boxes of cards may be purchased from any member of the garden committee and Robin Hunter and Leigh Barnes will specifically be available after the 8:00 service and Wendy Oestreicher and Lois Olesen after the 9:30 service.  During the week, please contact Deb Page in the church office.  All proceeds from the sale of the cards will be donated to the Nicaragua Service Trip for next year.



Again this year we will not be mailing offering envelopes due to the high cost to do so.  Boxes of envelopes are on a table in the back of the sanctuary.  All boxes have names on them and are placed alphabetically.  Please make sure that you pick up your box and not someone else's! If you are unable to get to church to pick up your offering envelopes, please call the parish office and we can arrange for them to be delivered to you.  If there is not a box with your name on it and you would like offering envelopes, please contact the parish office and we will be happy to get them to you.  Any questions, please call Debi Page at the parish office - 203-269-5050.



Holy Baptism


The Sacrament of Holy Baptism will be celebrated on the following Feast Days:  the Easter Vigil (April 4. 2015) and Pentecost (May 24, 2015). Preparation for this celebration of Christian initiation includes a formal application and participation of parents and godparents in our Baptism Workshop and Rehearsal. Please direct any inquiries to the Rector at 203-269-5050 or 


Wallingford Homeless Shelter -  The shelter is open and two people from St. Paul's are needed to help as meal servers on a few Sunday nights starting from 6:30 PM for up to 2 hours.  the sign-up sheets covering the first three months are posted on the easel in the back of the church.  Prior experience not necessary.  We're also looking for folks who can prepare meals during the holidays.  If you have any questions please contact Trudy Guth.  Thanks for you help! 



The staff at the Thrift Shop has been very busy this past year (a record-breaking one!) and to lighten our load, we are having our annual $5 bag sale during the month of January (fill a provided bag full of clothes for $5) along with other monthly specials during the winter months.  We appreciate your wonderful donations throughout the year and remind everyone what a great resource we have in the Thrift Shop to not only support our church, but also the community that we serve. We begin our 28th year, but need the time and talents of new volunteers (to assist our seasoned crew) to help our shop thrive! It's a great opportunity also for teen community service hours or Mother/Daughter/Son teams!  

Please help us keep the prayer list in the Sunday bulletin current.  Let us know if there are names that can be taken off so that new names may be put on. 


Companions in Mission Conference 

Finding Jesus in the least, the last

 and in ourselves. 

March 7, 2015

Trinity Episcopal Church

Tariffville, CT 

For more information go to:





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